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About Geetanjali Medical Nutrition Clinic

Geetanjali Medical Nutrition clinic is a renowned diet clinic established with the goal of preventive health care in the medical Fitness Fraternity. It was set up with its unique idea of addressing to the needs of the society in the most metros as well as rural areas, diseases and disorders are rampant. Gmn clinic functions with various well qualified & experienced dieticians under the guidance of the mentor senior registered dietician Mrs. Geetanjali Ahuja Mengi (13+ years of expertise). We use the most latest & exclusive technologies to reach the masses all over the world by ways of providing online services, Videos, Conferencing, audio calls, social health networking sites and so forth. It is rightly said that, “FOOD IS THE CAUSE & FOOD IS THE CURE” We at Gmn clinic empowers the clients to take complete change of their health & encourages them to live a healthy lifestyle. We don’t believe in giving short cut results, as what comes easy, goes easy. We suggest our clients to walk away with a diet plan to keep up their metabolism & achieving their target. We don’t prescribe any medicine or FAD Diet (short cut diets). Each and every individual is given extra attention to study the medical history, their lifestyle stand for giving right diet. Our unique online consultancy allows you to receive personalized one to one nutrition counseling without leaving your place.
How we work

Fil the enrollment Form

Fill the enrollment form with complete data analysis with personal information, medical history, and health history. Once we receive, we will start analysing your details and work on your diet.

Give Diet Kit

We start with diet kit making your diet plan according to you analysis data. Initially we give just 7 days diet plan to check the difference, after a week of analysis, we go ahead with a future diet. Maintain day to day diet book. Take Pain to fill our daily menu card. This card will be monitor on the monthly basis. We can arrange courier service on monthly basis to pick the card from your end. For online clients, you can mail us your diet page.

Personal care 24x7

A client can be in touch with our team via WhatsApp, SKYPE, Email’s, Messangers, Toll Free Numbers, Video Conferencing. We have 24x7 meal reminder service on your Cell-Phone.

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Get Conected on 91 9869192070 to the team of Consultants at NO-COST.

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