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Monthly archives for May, 2016

Food for Arthritis?

diet for arthritis patients

Arthritis means Joint inflammation caused due to stiffness, swelling, pain in the joints. People from all the ages, sexes, races can and do have arthritis. The most common type of Arthritis is osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid. Best food for Arthritis– Low Fat Diary products like Milk, Yogurt, and cheese are packed with calcium and vitamin, both […]


diet for abs

ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN!!! Every person hitting the gym for an exhaustive workout has the goal of getting into 6 pack Abs or flaunting one. The Human body has well toned muscles, however, it’s the layer of fat which causes the muscles to hide. Thus fat loss is the biggest concern according to […]

Steps to Prevent Heart Diseases

diet for heart disease patients

Steps to Prevent Heart Diseases-: Have control on your portion size. Consume more vegetables & Fruits. Reduce unhealthy fats like Saturated & hydrogenated vegetable oils, cheese, Butter, Margarine, Palm oil. Reduce Sodium intake in food by avoiding table salt, salt & seasonings. Have more Fiber Rich Food – Whole Grain cereals, pulses, sprouts, Fruits, vegetables, […]


good dietician in mumbai

Hangover A hangover is a group of unpleasant signs and symptoms that can develop after drinking too much alcohol. The more alcohol you drink, the more likely you are to have a hangover the next day. But there’s no magic formula to tell you how much you can safely drink yet still avoid a hangover. […]

Diet for cricketers/Tennis players

best nutritionist online

Diet for Cricketers/Tennis Players – As we know cricket and tennis are very explosive power games where you need right energies at right time. All these factors are influenced by what we eat. Our sports nutritionist prepare food intake chart* that will give you right results.

School Wellness Programs

School wellness programs

Wellness programs in schools is an essential shift in the education system of India. It had started long back but now it is gaining momentum due to the awareness about health and nutrition in the country. Wellness programs in schools inspire environmental awareness, healthy eating and fitness. Ultimately, fitness is not a one-time destination, it’s […]

Corporate Wellness Programs

corporate wellness programs

Corporate wellness programs : GMN “Wellness Program” is a unique initiative which enables organizations to use our expertise in healthcare to benefit their employees. The program includes a comprehensive set of services that provide exclusive benefits to employees, help them improve their health and quality of life, and even boost their productivity. For employers, the […]

Diet for Swimmers

best dietician in mumbai

Diet for swimmers – our swimmer diet* plays an important role of your performances in the pool. You need a well energetic diet which is prepared with a sports nutrition which will boost your energy levels & muscle strength.

Anti Ageing Diet

Anti ageing Diet – Our anti ageing diet chart* can help you to look healthier, younger and make you feel better for long life. It is well said that how we look is a product of what we have been eating all along. We can’t control our age and we have no authority over that, […]

Holidays Travel

Holidays travel – It is seen that when we travel, we can’t stick to our planned diet for a particular program. So our team of dietician plan flexible chart, where you can cheat in certain limits. These diet plans won’t effect your regular program even if you take break for some time.

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