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Monthly archives for November, 2016

Diet and Diabetes

Making healthy food choices can lower your risk of developing diabetes or its complications. To know about the diet and diabetes connection, Meet #dietician #Geetanjaliahujamengi #weightloss #clinicaldietician #Nutritionist#onlinedietician #mumbai

How to lose weight post-Diwali

A bit of bloating is normal during the festivities due to the abundance of sweets consumed during this time. However, it is necessary to return to your healthy self, post this cheat period and this can be possible only if you follow a strict diet and exercise routine. Here are a few tips by Dietician […]

NO drinking water in plastic bottles

Impact of drinking water in plastic bottles We store water in all sorts of plastic bottles, jugs or containers. It can be low grade or high grade, but plastic is plastic! This is a very harmful daily practice as plastic containers carry lot of chemicals and bacteria. Let’s see the harmful effects of drinking water […]


‘Is rice good or bad?’ this has been a million dollar question for the past few years. Rice is not a bad thing according to nutritionist in mumbai hughes road. But the bad thing is when we mindlessly gobble huge portions of it. A humble dal-chawal meal is so satiating, that it makes us eat […]

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