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11 Best Foods to Control Diabetes

Your diet plays a crucial role in controlling diabetes, a chronic disease. You may improve your body’s response to insulin by regulating and controlling your diet which also helps manage the disease in the process. You should include high fiber, vitamins, lean protein, antioxidants, minerals, veggies, fresh fruits and lean protein when you design a […]

Why and Wherefores of PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) has become as common as common cold these days. It affects at least one in every ten women aging towards puberty. PCOS is an aftermath of a hormonal imbalance in women wherein the testosterone levels shoots up in the body causing an array of symptomatic reactions. A woman with PCOS is […]

9 Ways to Eat Smart and Beat Obesity

9 Ways to Eat Smart and Beat Obesity One of the fastest growing diseases in the world is Obesity. In today’s rushing life, people tend to grab whatever food that is readily available. Few tips by Famous dietician in Mumbai to eat smart and beat Obesity follows. ● Honey “n” Lemon -Start your day with a glass […]

7 Best Foods for Boosting Memory

Memory is something which runs the world. Memory boosting techniques are most common among the children. All parents would want their children to have good memory. Adults also loose the capacity of remembering things when they are under stress. Here are some of the foods by Dietician in tardeo which would help boosting the memory. […]

Why Japanese live long?

The people in the land of rising sun live longer and we are going to reveal secret behind it. Japan has one of the lowest life expectancies post world war II. Here are some of the secrets by Nutritionist Dietician in Bandra which help Japanese people live longer. Eating vegetables & Fish:  As lame as […]

5 foods to boost your mood

In the time of stress, food is always a go to option. What if you know the exact type of food to be consumed when you are feeling low? Here is some foodstuff by Nutritionist Dietician in Malabar Hill Mumbai which would surely help you enhance your mood keeping you fresh throughout the day. Salmon: […]

7 Rules of skincare

Five senses that human body has, one of most important sensory organ is skin. If you protect your skin internally and externally, it enhances the look and gives confidence. Here are 7 golden rules of skincare that you will swear by Hydration: Keeping the skin moist is the first among the golden rules. The skin […]

Why should you Avoid Late Dinner?

Indian food is a boon to someone who wants to improve the metabolism. Indian ways of eating food is also an advantage because ancient Indians used to eat very timely meals. The meals used to be balanced with carbohydrates, proteins and fats so there was hardly any imbalance of nutrients. This imbalance of nutrients is […]

Health Benefits of Olive and Lemon

Olive Oil Olive plants grow mainly in the Mediterranean basin and olive oil is extracted from the fruit. It has a wide range of beneficial uses. It is used as a cooking oil, as a pharmaceutical, as a cosmetic, in soaps and creams, and as a fuel. This wonderful extract has worked magic in attaining […]

10 best foods for improving hair

Man or a woman, a lustrous mane spells a lot about their health. Having long and strong hair is everyones wish and yes there are numerous products in the market which help you get there in some days. But it is equally important to nourish your hair internally. The very first step said by dietician […]

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