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Diet for Post Menopausal Stage

Diet for post menopausal stage: Menopause is a natural, process of cessation of menstruation which is experienced by women between 40-50 years of age. At this stage a woman experiences a lot of hormonal imbalances leading to various medical conditions. Thus a well balanced diet* goes a long way in preventing these imbalances and leading […]

Diet for Lactation

Diet for lactation: Infants during first 6 months needs to be completely met by mother’s milk. Thus nutrition at this stage plays a crucial role in the quality of milk produced. Lactation mother has higher nutritional requirements than pregnancy.

Diet for Pregnancy:

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Diet for Pregnancy: Pregnancy is a stage where a lady undergoes great turmoil of hormones in the body. This has a direct impact on the food intake. It is a special stage of life where she is taking care of foetus which is a parasite on her. Thus the nutritional requirements here are very high […]

Diet for Teenage & Adolescence

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Diet for teenage & adolescence: Teenage is a stage where an individual is neither a child nor an adult. Nutritional needs are met with great difficulty as teenagers undergo a lot of peer pressure & mimic their junk eating habits.

Diet for Toddlers

Diet for toddlers: Toddler is a child between the age group of 1-3 years. At this stage children develop a feeling of independence and freedom. Thus food have to be cooked and served in a very creative manner which will attract the child towards it.  

Diet for Infants (Weaning)

Diet for Infants (weaning): Weaning is a very crucial step as an infant is supplemented with food other than mother’s milk. At 6 months an infant cannot meet its requirements from only mother’s milk and so weaning is needed.

Diet for special population

Diet for special population: In a special population programs, we have many diet categories for Toddlers, children’s, teenagers, adolescence, and diet for pregnancy and lactating or nursing mothers, menopausal, old age. We shall not take a detailed medical dietary in order to prescribe diets for this category, as their requirements/needs are quite different from the […]

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