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Diet for cricketers/Tennis players

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Diet for Cricketers/Tennis Players – As we know cricket and tennis are very explosive power games where you need right energies at right time. All these factors are influenced by what we eat. Our sports nutritionist prepare food intake chart* that will give you right results.

Diet for Swimmers

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Diet for swimmers – our swimmer diet* plays an important role of your performances in the pool. You need a well energetic diet which is prepared with a sports nutrition which will boost your energy levels & muscle strength.

Diet for Gym Lovers

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Diet for Gym Lovers – Exercising/running/workouts can’t all alone helps you to lose weight for long term. You have to follow diet chart* which helps you to achieve targets. Our dietician goes through all your medical condition and lifestyle then prepare diet chart.

Diet for Sports & Fitness

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Diet for sports and fitness – our sports dietician help you in drafting a right chart* for gaining lean muscles dropping body fat. Our plans* help you to achieve your specific goals.

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