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How to lose weight post-Diwali

A bit of bloating is normal during the festivities due to the abundance of sweets consumed during this time. However, it is necessary to return to your healthy self, post this cheat period and this can be possible only if you follow a strict diet and exercise routine.

Here are a few tips by Dietician Nutritionist Altamount Road Kemps Corner – Geetanjali which can help you lose weight post-Diwali:

Make physical exercise a part of your daily routine: There is no alternative to physical exercise, which is why it is necessary to engage in moderate to high level workout to drop those extra kilos post Diwali. You can hit the gym for half an hour or brisk walk or choose more interesting forms of exercise such as dancing or Zumba. However, the key here is to remain consistent.

Start your day with the right liquids: Add generous amounts of liquids and fluids to your daily diet which are healthy and low in fat content. Vegetable smoothies, sugar-free juices, coconut water, green tea and lemonade (without sugar) are great options to keep sipping on throughout the day. These liquids make you feel full faster and restrict you from consuming too many calories in the day. These liquids also hydrate your body and help in flushing out toxins, thus helping you detoxify and drop those kilos.

Have smaller but more frequent meals: You do not have to go on a crash diet post Diwali to drop those kilos quicker, because crash diets only result in weakness and temporary water loss from the body. However, what you can do is have small meals more frequently during the day. The time gap between two meals shouldn’t exceed 3 hours. This keeps hunger at bay and reduces the total number of calories consumed daily which help in reducing weight quicker.

Follow the thumb rule of detox: “If it comes in a sealed package or a tin, do not eat it.” Follow this thumb rule of detoxifying, post Diwali, as they are loaded with saturated fats and preservatives which make you fatter. Instead, opt for fresh fruits and vegetables in your meals along with fat-burning food items such as fish-oils, dates, berries, flax seeds, eggs, sprouts etc.
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