Geetanjali Medical Nutrition Clinic
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At our Clinic:

We do Entire Body Composition like Visceral Fat, Body Water, Muscle, Bone Mass, Physique ratio, Metabolism, BMR etc with our machine and after that we go through medical history (If its there). We go through your lifestyle and accordingly we suggest a proper customized diet to give you results.

Diet Kit

If a Diet Kit is required, we give to our client accordingly to program suggested by consultant.

24 X 7 Support 

Our Team gives 24 X 7 Support to our clients via What App, SKYPE, Email’s, Messengers, Toll Free Numbers, Video Conferencing.

Features of our Program

Periodic Food Alerts on your phone, 24×7 Dietician Assistance, Restaurant Guide, Liquor Guide, Diet Recipes etc


How we work