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5 foods to boost your mood

In the time of stress, food is always a go to option. What if you know the exact type of food to be consumed when you are feeling low? Here is some foodstuff by Nutritionist Dietician in Malabar Hill Mumbai which would surely help you enhance your mood keeping you fresh throughout the day.

If you are a non vegetarian, this is the best option. Eating salmon certainly boosts your energy through essential omega 3 fatty acids. These omega 3 fatty acid are important for brain activity, immunity and circulation.

A go to option for boosting your mood instantly. Banana has a world of goodness in it. Apart from providing ample energy, it is a source of potassium and calcium.

Indian food system has time and again emphasized on the importance of having a balanced meal. Having ample lentils would boost the mood and increase protein intake.

Pop those nuts in your mouth whenever you are feeling low. Ground nuts, pistachios, walnuts are good sources of essential fats and proteins. Nuts can be eaten as a mid morning or mid noon snack. While munching on the nuts it is necessary to check whether they are fried or they have excess salt as these are not advisable.

Egg is a wholesome food. Eat it with yolk or without yolk, eggs are bound to make you happy when made as sunny side up or even when they are scrambled. The protein in the egg increases your happy hormones. Keep the amount of oil less in your omelet and you are good to go for a heavy duty day.

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