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Diet for Weight Gain

Weight Gain Program
How to gain weight? This is a million dollar question asked by many Indian youngsters today. Geetanjali medical nutrition clinic consists of the best nutritionists in Mumbai to assist their clients to healthy weight gain. If you are sick of being stick thin, then you should incorporate the right foods into your diet plan, which will be suggested by our nutrition guide. Gaining weight requires a menu high in carbs, therefore, calories. But going on a weight gain diet is no excuse to gorge on junk food. Whether you’re a skinny person desperately trying to pack on muscle or a not-so skinny person trying to convert body mass into muscle, gaining weight in the right way is a challenge. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With the right training regimens and proper balance of calories and nutrients you can be on your way to a bigger, stronger you. We at Gmn clinic, give weight gain diet plan* which involves right combination of resistance training and balance diet.
In this program we go through your body composition and all medical records if in past or present. After examining your lifestyle and dietary details we suggest you a diet plan* which has to be followed in a healthy way.
To know more about our package, call us or fill our contact form and one of our executive will contact you at its earliest.
We don’t advice any medicine, pills, but only health disciplined lifestyle.
Weight Gain Program

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